Like The Los Feliz Oaks? 3 Ways You Won't Lose The Deal With Me

Finding a beautiful, luxury home in CA starts in Los Feliz Homes where you will find the treasure you have been searching for. Whether you are a buyer or seller in the estates you will find the house of your dreams, and Debbie Pisaro can help. Debbie Pisaro has been an experienced realtor in Los Feliz for over 15 years. She loves it and has a talent and a passion for helping others to buy, sell or invest in outstanding home exclusively in Loz Feliz Homes.

With Los Feliz in north Los Angeles County, each home is spectacular and unique, so having an expert in these homes, allows you to sit back and relax. Debbie is going to show you estates that appear to have been architecturally designed for your taste. Whether you are a buyer or a seller of these beautiful luxury homes, you can't lose a deal with Debbie.

Los Feliz is beautifully extravagant, so one of the most beautiful communities in CA is created. When you have found the perfect estate, complete with a deluxe patio and a swimming pool for those wonderful days in the CA sunshine, let Debbie be the first to know because there really is no way you can lose the deal with her on your side.

Ms. Pisaro has amazing skills that benefit every buyer or seller she works with. Here are five ways she will enhance your experience in home buying or selling.

  • 1. Debbie is an excellent communicator
  • 2. She is a great negotiator when it comes to your contract.
  • 3. She has instant access to MLS, which may help you get the home sooner.
  • 4. She is completely familiar with the process, so she will keep you objective.
  • 5. She has a talent for coordinating and hosting your showing.

As you can see, Debbie Pisaro is an expert realtor in the Los Feliz homes, so there is no reason to imagine that that you would lose a deal with her. She has facilitated millions of dollars worth of homes and knows exactly how to assist you.

When you buy a home in Los Feliz, you are also acquiring choosing a fantastic and historic community.  The historic Griffith Park and Conservatory are on the same land concession that Los Feliz Homes is on. The area below Griffith Park is considered the wealthiest part of LA and is called Los Feliz Hills.

Reasons Why You Need A Checklist When Looking At Los Feliz Homes For Sale

Someone who is not looking for just a house in Los Angeles CA, but for their dream home to invest in, only needs to go a few miles north of downtown LA. Los Feliz CA is a 2.5 square mile that was originally carved out of Los Angeles County, and it has grown into the prestigious and extravagant community of Los Feliz.

Today, this spectacular community is filled with luxury homes and condos architecturally designed to attract even the most detailed eye. Most have gorgeously manicured real estate, swimming pools and cabanas, tennis courts and top security, and because of its location just north of Hollywood, many stars and celebrities have purchased Los Feliz homes for sale and made them their own.

Debbie Pisaro Has A Special Talent In Finding Your Perfect Home

This affluent neighborhood has about 35,200 residents. The Los Feliz homes for sale are unbelievably gorgeous and sometimes hidden, but Debbie Pisaro has been introducing families to their beautiful dream homes for over 15 years. She is very familiar with the community and is dedicated to showing you luxurious four and five bedroom houses for investment purposes or to make your home. There are five public and two private schools, so your children will receive a complete education in the perfect place.

Can you see why it's best to have a checklist when you are a buyer? So much is available, and the choices are phenomenal. If you have a checklist, Debbie Pisaro can help you find a delightful and comfortable home for your family. Debbie knows where to find the gems, and if you are a seller, she can assist you in arranging and staging to attract the perfect buyer.

Surrounding The Neighborhood

There are many memorable places to see in north LA including beautiful Griffith Park where the magnificent Griffith Conservatory is located. This amazing conservatory was built in 1935 and is the perfect way to spend the day seeing the universe.

Among the stars, there is the home of Mickey Mouse. Actually, Walt Disney drew the first image of Mickey in his uncle's house here, and now it has been renovated into a TV and movie studio. Also, the LA city council has contracted to preserve the forest area. This is the result of property that was burnt in the 2007 fires. Los Feliz is a spectacular community that is looking better all the time, so come see it.

Why Debbie Pisaro Should Be Your Go-To Real Estate Professional In Los Feliz

Why Debbie Pisaro Should Be Your Go-To Real Estate Professional In Los Feliz

With over 14 years of experience selling homes in the exclusive Los Feliz neighborhood of the Hollywood Hills area, Debbie Pisaro is a go-to real estate agent for buyers who are looking for the home of their dreams. Her intimate knowledge of the area and her passion for her clients goes a long way when it comes time to put an offer on a home. The area is one of the most desirable in all of Los Angeles, and it gives residents the ability to access Hollywood in a short period of time or escape to the peace and quiet of the nearby Santa Monica Mountains.

Local Knowledge

The CA real estate market is one of the most complex in America, and Debbie is a great asset for sellers who are looking to sell their luxury properties. Los Feliz is an attractive destination for many celebrities who call Los Angeles home, and Debbie has helped several high-profile celebrities close on amazing properties in the area. Her ability to generate excitement about a property and her passion for this area are big selling points with potential buyers. The natural beauty of the area sells itself, but Debbie goes out of her way to ensure that all of those people who are interested in a home up here get to experience the charm and ambiance that the area can offer.

Understands Investors' Needs

Debbie also works with investors who are looking for great opportunities in this area. For investors looking to find a home that can be fixed up and sold for top dollar, she can help find them the perfect property. The return on investment in this area can be extremely high for someone who knows how to find the right property and renovate it in a style that is consistent with buyers' demands. Debbie knows what sells, and she can provide you with valuable tips that will sell a home in a hurry.

Reach Out To Debbie

Whether you are looking to buy or sell in the Los Feliz community, you owe it to yourself to get in touch with one of the area's top real estate agents. Debbie Pisaro is a trusted realtor who works with her clients to determine what they are looking for in a transaction. She shares her knowledge and insight with clients and helps them get a deal that is in their best interest. For more info or assistance, reach out to her today.