Like The Los Feliz Oaks? 3 Ways You Won't Lose The Deal With Me

Finding a beautiful, luxury home in CA starts in Los Feliz Homes where you will find the treasure you have been searching for. Whether you are a buyer or seller in the estates you will find the house of your dreams, and Debbie Pisaro can help. Debbie Pisaro has been an experienced realtor in Los Feliz for over 15 years. She loves it and has a talent and a passion for helping others to buy, sell or invest in outstanding home exclusively in Loz Feliz Homes.

With Los Feliz in north Los Angeles County, each home is spectacular and unique, so having an expert in these homes, allows you to sit back and relax. Debbie is going to show you estates that appear to have been architecturally designed for your taste. Whether you are a buyer or a seller of these beautiful luxury homes, you can't lose a deal with Debbie.

Los Feliz is beautifully extravagant, so one of the most beautiful communities in CA is created. When you have found the perfect estate, complete with a deluxe patio and a swimming pool for those wonderful days in the CA sunshine, let Debbie be the first to know because there really is no way you can lose the deal with her on your side.

Ms. Pisaro has amazing skills that benefit every buyer or seller she works with. Here are five ways she will enhance your experience in home buying or selling.

  • 1. Debbie is an excellent communicator
  • 2. She is a great negotiator when it comes to your contract.
  • 3. She has instant access to MLS, which may help you get the home sooner.
  • 4. She is completely familiar with the process, so she will keep you objective.
  • 5. She has a talent for coordinating and hosting your showing.

As you can see, Debbie Pisaro is an expert realtor in the Los Feliz homes, so there is no reason to imagine that that you would lose a deal with her. She has facilitated millions of dollars worth of homes and knows exactly how to assist you.

When you buy a home in Los Feliz, you are also acquiring choosing a fantastic and historic community.  The historic Griffith Park and Conservatory are on the same land concession that Los Feliz Homes is on. The area below Griffith Park is considered the wealthiest part of LA and is called Los Feliz Hills.

Reasons Why You Need A Checklist When Looking At Los Feliz Homes For Sale

Someone who is not looking for just a house in Los Angeles CA, but for their dream home to invest in, only needs to go a few miles north of downtown LA. Los Feliz CA is a 2.5 square mile that was originally carved out of Los Angeles County, and it has grown into the prestigious and extravagant community of Los Feliz.

Today, this spectacular community is filled with luxury homes and condos architecturally designed to attract even the most detailed eye. Most have gorgeously manicured real estate, swimming pools and cabanas, tennis courts and top security, and because of its location just north of Hollywood, many stars and celebrities have purchased Los Feliz homes for sale and made them their own.

Debbie Pisaro Has A Special Talent In Finding Your Perfect Home

This affluent neighborhood has about 35,200 residents. The Los Feliz homes for sale are unbelievably gorgeous and sometimes hidden, but Debbie Pisaro has been introducing families to their beautiful dream homes for over 15 years. She is very familiar with the community and is dedicated to showing you luxurious four and five bedroom houses for investment purposes or to make your home. There are five public and two private schools, so your children will receive a complete education in the perfect place.

Can you see why it's best to have a checklist when you are a buyer? So much is available, and the choices are phenomenal. If you have a checklist, Debbie Pisaro can help you find a delightful and comfortable home for your family. Debbie knows where to find the gems, and if you are a seller, she can assist you in arranging and staging to attract the perfect buyer.

Surrounding The Neighborhood

There are many memorable places to see in north LA including beautiful Griffith Park where the magnificent Griffith Conservatory is located. This amazing conservatory was built in 1935 and is the perfect way to spend the day seeing the universe.

Among the stars, there is the home of Mickey Mouse. Actually, Walt Disney drew the first image of Mickey in his uncle's house here, and now it has been renovated into a TV and movie studio. Also, the LA city council has contracted to preserve the forest area. This is the result of property that was burnt in the 2007 fires. Los Feliz is a spectacular community that is looking better all the time, so come see it.

Why Debbie Pisaro Should Be Your Go-To Real Estate Professional In Los Feliz

Why Debbie Pisaro Should Be Your Go-To Real Estate Professional In Los Feliz

With over 14 years of experience selling homes in the exclusive Los Feliz neighborhood of the Hollywood Hills area, Debbie Pisaro is a go-to real estate agent for buyers who are looking for the home of their dreams. Her intimate knowledge of the area and her passion for her clients goes a long way when it comes time to put an offer on a home. The area is one of the most desirable in all of Los Angeles, and it gives residents the ability to access Hollywood in a short period of time or escape to the peace and quiet of the nearby Santa Monica Mountains.

Local Knowledge

The CA real estate market is one of the most complex in America, and Debbie is a great asset for sellers who are looking to sell their luxury properties. Los Feliz is an attractive destination for many celebrities who call Los Angeles home, and Debbie has helped several high-profile celebrities close on amazing properties in the area. Her ability to generate excitement about a property and her passion for this area are big selling points with potential buyers. The natural beauty of the area sells itself, but Debbie goes out of her way to ensure that all of those people who are interested in a home up here get to experience the charm and ambiance that the area can offer.

Understands Investors' Needs

Debbie also works with investors who are looking for great opportunities in this area. For investors looking to find a home that can be fixed up and sold for top dollar, she can help find them the perfect property. The return on investment in this area can be extremely high for someone who knows how to find the right property and renovate it in a style that is consistent with buyers' demands. Debbie knows what sells, and she can provide you with valuable tips that will sell a home in a hurry.

Reach Out To Debbie

Whether you are looking to buy or sell in the Los Feliz community, you owe it to yourself to get in touch with one of the area's top real estate agents. Debbie Pisaro is a trusted realtor who works with her clients to determine what they are looking for in a transaction. She shares her knowledge and insight with clients and helps them get a deal that is in their best interest. For more info or assistance, reach out to her today.

Outdoor Movie Nights at Barnsdall Art Park this Fall Starts this Weekend

Barnsdall Art Park’s famed fundraising Outdoor Movie Night series is kicking off just in time for fall, on Saturday, September 12th through Saturday, October 24th for a seven-week run.

 Join us on the lush west lawn of Frank Lloyd Wright’s famed Hollyhock House with surprise guests introducing the movies. Curated by The Black List, a trailblazing online networking community for the film industry, and Trailers from Hell, a premier platform for trailers from world-renowned contemporary filmmakers, all are invited to celebrate a season of American Pop-themed movies. Enjoy a curated selection of wines, courtesy of Dark Horse Wines as well as a selection of LA’s finest food trucks. Musical entertainment will be provided by D.J. youNGNoon from 5.30pm till dusk with the movies (on a high-resolution screen with superior surround sound) starting at sundown—7.30pm-- on top of Los Feliz’s scenic Olive Hill at 4800 Hollywood Boulevard.

 Tickets cost $25 for movies plus tasting (4 pours) or $15 for the movie without beverages. Additionally, each film will be introduced by special guests including John Landis and Jessica Bendinger. Support the People’s Park with this popular family-friendly event that has raised over a half a million dollars to support the Park’s capital projects, art programs, historic renovations and gallery exhibitions over the last six years.  Please visit to purchase tickets.

Here's the complete list of shows:

 September 12th: Shaun of the Dead
• September 19th: Groundhog Day
• September 26th: Coming to America with special guest John Landis
• October 3rd: Bring it On with special guest Jessica Bendinger
• October 10th: Stand and Deliver with FYI Films
• October 17th: Dear White People
• October 24th: Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Mickey Mouse and Disney have strong ties to Los Feliz.

 2495 Lyric Avenue, Los Feliz

2495 Lyric Avenue, Los Feliz

I'm a real estate for Keller Williams in Los Feliz and I love the history of this town.  I love homes in the area too - here's a piece on the Los Feliz is the birthplace of the most enduring and lovable stars that Los Angeles has ever produced; Mickey Mouse.

The Pacific Ready-Cut house at 2495 Lyric Ave. was built by Walt Disney in 1926 for $8,000, including the 2875 square foot lot. His brother Roy bought an identical house and lived next door with his wife. Ready-Cut homes were ready to assemble houses, that came complete with the framing, doors, windows, sinks, cabinets - even the nails and paint were included along with an instruction manual to put it all together. Pacific Ready-Cut were popular houses in the 1920’s, selling over 37,000 in Southern California.

The 12,000 pieces for the houses were delivered by rail in August of 1926 and construction was finished by December, in time for the holiday season. The modest, two bedroom, one bath house was 1066 square feet inside. Walt and Lillian lived on Lyric Ave until they moved to Working Way in 1932. The brothers houses were identical and both are still standing today.

The current owner of the house bought it in 1997 for $150,000, not knowing the home's origins. He started to hear rumors that Walt Disney had owned the house and began investigating. When he bought the house, the previous owner had died, leaving it vacant for six months. Sadly, the house was in such a state of disrepair that it had to be completely gutted, with new plumbing and electrical installed.

Mickey Mouse was born in the garage of the house on Lyric Ave. Walt, Roy and Ub Iwerks worked in secret on the project, while still under contract to Charles Mintz and Universal Studios for the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoons.

Disney had strong ties to Los Feliz, with many of the original workers living in the area. A co-worker moved into Walt’s house when he left for Working Way, while his brother stayed on at his home on Lyric Ave.

The very first ‘Disney Bros Cartoon Studio’ was located in the garage of Walt’s uncle Robert Disney at 4406 Kingswell Ave. The garage has been on display for the public since the 1980’s, at the Stanley Ranch Museum in Garden Grove. The brothers also rented an office next to their uncles house, which is where Walt met Lillian when he hired her as an ‘ink and paint girl’.

In 1926, Disney opened a new, larger studio at 2719 Hyperion Ave. Many Disney legends were created in that studio, including Snow White and the Seven Dwarf’s. It was sold in 1940 and demolished in 1966, replaced by a shopping center which is now Gelson’s market. In honor of the studio, Disney continued using the name Hyperion for many different things, such as Hyperion Books and the Hyperion Theatre.

Disney was fond of saying “it all started with a mouse!” The part that many people don’t know is that the mouse got his start in a modest home on Lyric Ave. in Los Feliz.

When hiring a real estate agent, hire local.  Debbie Pisaro

Architect Frank Gehry and the LA River Revitalization

A surprise announcement regarding the revitalization of the Los Angeles River came recently, world famous architect Frank Gehry is working with city officials to draft a new plan to bring life back to the 51 miles of waterway flowing through LA.

Frank Gehry is best known for the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain as well as the Walt Disney Concert Hall right here in Los Angeles. Gehry calls LA home, so was happy to volunteer his time for the project.

Mayor Eric Garcetti and the LA Revitalization Corp. had originally planned to make the announcement later this month, but the Los Angeles Times discovered his involvement and disclosed it early.

The Los Angeles River begins in Canoga Park, where Bell Creek and Arroyo Calabasas meet. It flows, in a concrete flood control channel, through the Sepulveda basin, Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks and Studio City. It runs parallel to Route 134 past Burbank and North Hollywood, then into Griffith Park. It continues to weave its way through Los Angeles, mostly enclosed in a concrete channel, until it finds the ocean in Long Beach.

The concrete channels were built after a the catastrophic floods of 1938, which caused widespread damage to the city and killed 115 people. The aim was to prevent further flooding and get control of a river that could be unpredictable during the winter rains.

The revitalization project aims to return the river to a more natural state, including parkland open to the public. The project has $1.4 billion in federal funding, Gehry’s involvement is expected to build on the Army Corps of Engineers restoration project, enhancing transportation and adding economic development.

Gehry had a condition for taking on the project; it must be approached as a water reclamation project. Surprisingly, Gehry does not want to eliminate the concrete walls surrounding the river, which for many are an eyesore which takes away from the plan for a natural space.

“I don’t see tearing out the concrete,” Gehry said. “It’s an architectural feature, and I can see ways of incorporating it into what we’re doing.”

Gehry is assembling a team of the best and brightest, already on board are engineers at Geosyntec as well as Olin landscape architect Richard Roark. They will be joined by Henk Ovink, the Special Envoy for International Water Affairs in the Netherlands.

Not everyone is happy with the announcement, the Friends of the Los Angeles River have expressed their opposition to the addition of Gehry to the project, citing concerns that it may put the current funding in jeopardy.

Lewis McAdams, the group's leader, is disappointed that decisions are being made without public involvement, pointing out that this is how the river ended up enclosed by concrete in the first place.

While Gehry’s addition to the project will likely remain controversial, it does have advantages. His fame will be an important factor in fundraising for the revitalization project, as well as bringing international attention to it. He is also bringing state of the art technology and a top rated team to work on the project.

World Elephant Day at The LA Zoo August 8th & 9th

Los Feliz Real Estate Agent

Did you know there is a World Elephant Day?

It is a day dedicated to the conservation of elephants. These majestic creatures are still being hunted and killed for their tusks, to supply the demand for ivory. While ivory bans exist in some parts of the world, many still allow the trade.

President Obama has just announced major restrictions on ivory in the US. He made the announcement while in Kenya, saying that the new legislation would not only further restrict the import of ivory into the US, but severely restrict the sale of ivory between states, limiting it only to antique pieces over 100 years old.

California lawmakers have proposed AB96, a bill that would ban ivory sales in California. The bill was drafted with the help of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s 96 Elephants campaign.

All of this is good news for the elephants. Restrictions on the ivory trade and education about the killing of elephants for their tusks have been largely responsible for the gains in elephant conservation.

To celebrate World Elephant Day, the LA Zoo in our very own Griffith Park will be hosting World Elephant Day Weekend, an event where you can learn about and enjoy it’s resident elephants.

Visitors to the zoo here in Los Feliz will get to see the state of the art Elephants of Asia exhibit, where they can learn about how the elephants are cared for, from feeding to the enrichment activities used to keep the elephants happy and entertained.

For families, the zoo is offering a craft area, where children can create cards symbolizing their commitment to elephant conservation which will be displayed at the Elephants of Asia Elephants Circle. Kids can also bring their toy elephants (or purchase one at the zoo) to be examined by experts and given a certificate of health.

Visitors will learn about current and past elephant conservation efforts, including the restrictions on the sale of ivory and the importance of protecting elephant habitat.

In the Thailand pavilion, you can learn about working and unemployed elephants, who are so essential to the Thai economy but are slowly being replaced by construction equipment. The Elephants of India plaza shows the impact of habitat destruction on that country's elephants. It provides waterfalls for the elephants to bathe in and hidden nooks and crannies for the trainers to place treats. You can also see the respectful relationship between the Dia people of China and elephants in the Elephants of China exhibit. Finally, enjoy the Elephant Lake in the Cambodian Pavilion, where there are many enrichment activities for the elephants.

In addition to the elephants, visitors can view the zoo’s collection of over 1000 animals, covering 250 different species. The botanical gardens boast 7000 plants representing 800 different species.

World Elephant Day Weekend runs on Saturday August 8 and Sunday August 9, from 10am to 4pm. Admission to the zoo is $20 for general admission (ages 13 - 61), $17 for seniors (62+) and $15 for children 2 - 12 years old. Children under the age of 2 are free. Members of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association enjoy free admission.

What does the Future Hold for the Griffith Park Tea House?

 Los Feliz Real Estate Agent

If you would like to visit Griffith Park’s brand new tea house, you should probably do it soon. The art project, which was installed a month ago, has a very uncertain future.

At 5 am on June 30, a few dozen people gathered in the pre-dawn darkness in response to simple wooden invitations, asking them to meet in Griffith Park for tea and wishes. Upon arrival, the guests found tea cups, LED lights and a map, directing them along the path to Mt. Bell.

The map lead to the freshly installed Griffith Park Tea House, brought into existence by an artist’s collective. No official permission for the project has been granted, so the artist wish to remain anonymous.

Participants enjoyed a tea ceremony to open the Tea House as the sun rose, enjoying the spots incredible views of the Verdugos and the San Gabriel mountains.

The Tea House is only 80 square feet and is made from the singed wood of trees devastated in the 2007 Griffith Park fire. The structure was left after the ceremony, a gift from the artists to the people of LA.

The Tea House was designed with the help of professional craftspeople, ensuring that the structure is sound. It makes use of an old concrete foundation found at the spot, likely the remnants of an old utility shack.

The inspiration came from frequent trips into the park, a visit to Japan and a love of tea. The wood for the structure came from trees killed in the fire as well as redwoods that the park has removed because they are a non-native species that require a lot of water. The design of the Tea House was dependent on the amount and size of the wood that was available. No trees were cut down for the project, instead the group used wood which was already dead and on the ground.

The roof is inspired by Japanese lines, the structure has many windows to ensure a good view of the surrounding park and mountains. The finishing touch, carvings of griffins, partially inspired by the parks red-tailed hawks. A small bell can be rung for ceremony or fun.

At the opening ceremony, guests were given small pieces of wood, to write a wish for the city. The pieces are hung all over the Tea House, with wishes for peace, love, happiness and all the Lego sets. Some bear pictures instead of words, some are memorials, making beautiful and moving decorations for a unique little house.

The Department of Recreation and Parks is still unsure of the fate of the Tea House. It may stay where it is, be moved to another part of the park or become a travelling art piece. A petition to allow it to remain has been launched. [link to petition:]

In the mean time, visitors are enjoying the Tea House. One has left a small jar of oolong tea

with a note for others to help themselves. It is clear that this piece of guerrilla art is quickly becoming a favourite of visitors to Griffith Park.

Katy Perry and the archdiocese of Los Angeles get into a dispute with a group of nuns and a restaurateur.

Katy Perry and the archdiocese of Los Angeles get into a dispute with a group of nuns and a restaurateur. It may sound like the opening line of a bad joke, but it’s true.

The dispute is over one of the hottest pieces of real estate in LA, an 8 acre property with hilltop villa in the Los Feliz neighborhood. It overlooks downtown Los Angeles and the San Gabriel mountains. It also happens to be a former convent.

The archdiocese and two nuns who used to live at the property are fighting over who owns it, which would determine who has the ability to make the sale.

The former convent was once home to 52 sisters of the Immaculate Heart, who were moved to other locations by the diocese in 2011. Time has also taken it’s toll with only five sisters still living, two of whom are claiming ownership of the villa.

The nuns, unsurprisingly, are not impressed that Perry may be the new owner of their former home. Sister Sister Catherine Rose Holzman made her objection clear to the archdiocese in a letter on May 22, "In selling to Katy Perry, we feel we are being forced to violate our canonical vows to the Catholic Church."

Sister Rita Callanan from the Los Feliz Convet reportedly told the LA Times , "Well, I found Katy Perry and I found her videos … if it's alright to say, I wasn't happy with any of it.”

Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez is said to have accepted Perry’s offer on the property, stressing that the land belongs to the archdiocese rather than the nuns. Furthermore, the archdiocese has taken issue with the buyer the nuns found, restaurateur Dana Hollister.

The archdiocese is claiming that Hollister took advantage of the sisters, saying that the deal they made may be unenforceable. In a lawsuit filed by the archdiocese, it claims that Hollister made a down payment of $44,000 to the nuns and left a note agreeing to pay the rest of the $15.5 million sale price.

The lawyer for the archdiocese, J. Michael Hennigan, says, "What Dana Hollister did in this transaction was take their principal asset, give them next to no money, with a flaky promise to pay in three years,"

Hollister has plans to turn the villa into a 60 bedroom boutique hotel, including a restaurant and bar. Hollister is confident in the nuns’ ability to negotiate a deal, saying "Those ladies know what they're doing, they are by no means fragile."

The Archbishop has given his assent to a $14.5 million cash deal, reached with Perry which was arranged before the sale to Hollister by the nuns.

Perry, the daughter of a pastor who released a Christian album before achieving her current fame, wants to buy the property as a retreat to take care of her mother and grandmother. She tried to win over the nuns in a meeting, singing “Oh Happy Day” and showing them her “Jesus” tattoo on her wrist. The nuns were not impressed.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge James Chalfant is set to hear the case to stop the sale on June 30, 2015. A second hearing in October will determine who has the legal authority to sell the property.

The Morrison Pub in Los Feliz Now Welcomes you and your Pooch!

As a successful Los Feliz Real Estate Agent, it’s one of my jobs not only to know the real estate market, but also to know the community. A dream house is only a true dream house if it is in the right location with all the expected amenities. With that in mind, it may be of interest of those looking in the Los Feliz area to know that it is extremely dog friendly!

The Morrison Pub, one of the most popular bar and grills in Los Feliz, now has a front patio dog friendly atmosphere. Los Feliz is known for its dazzlingly beautiful weather, and as a Los Feliz Real Estate Agent, I know that you want to enjoy it as much as possible. The Morrison Pub allows you to enjoy the beautiful Los Feliz weather along with your dog. The owner, Marc Kreiner, even says, “You can bring your dog and eat…and if you have to go run an errand, we’ll watch your dog for you”. The Morrison Pub is even creating a menu especially for four-legged customers with special found they’re bound to love. Currently, there are three options for dogs: ground beef, shredded chicken, and hot dogs. All dishes, of course, are served with a bowl of water and a side of milk bones. This kind of service, community, and kindness seems to be a special cornerstone in Los Feliz.

As a Los Feliz real estate agent, keeping up to date on all the going-ons of the community, whether they be a new ice-cream shop or a quirky addition to a long-adored pub, is fundamental to finding a home that each individual prospective homebuyer will love. Knowing the latest information, whether it is quirky, interesting, or necessary, is part of being a great real estate agent. Being able to convey the community of Los Feliz, which welcomes both people and dogs alike, is fundamental in helping prospective-buyers locate their perfect home, and allowing home to be something more than a building with four walls and a roof.