Unplug With Me

Los Feliz Resident Alex Pang will UNPLUG.  

Los Feliz Resident Alex Pang will UNPLUG.  

Los Feliz, it's theat time of year, time for the fourth annual National Unplug Day - perhaps you've heard of it.  The idea is to stay off of social networks and off of the internet.   from sundown on March 1st until sundown on Saturday March 2nd.

Although I think it's a great idea, I can't really unplug.  I don't exactly have a 9 to 5 type job with weekends off and my clients would be most upset if I just chose a day and decided not to respond to emails, text messages, phone calls or offers.   If you can not reach your real estate agent tonight or tomorrow it is probably because they have decided to observe the event.  

However, for my part, I will unplug as much as I can for those 24 hours.  No facebook, twitter, blogging, and surfing for me in honor of National Unplug Day.  Instead, I will take my two kids and stroll down Hillhurst or Vermont and shop at some of our favorite stores and dine at our favorite restaurants.  You won't miss me anyway, because you will be unplugged as well.  

Check out the Unplug website and consider unplugging for the day.  If you want to take it step further, right around the corner (practically) Descanso Gardens is holding a "Plug In" event.