Art Deco Awesomeness, Now Rentable in Los Feliz

I don’t normally get excited when an apartment opens up, but there is an apartment in Los Feliz Manor that is open and it’s too cool.

los feliz manor.jpg

The building was designed by Jack Grundfor and was built in 1929. This a real, honest-to-God Art Deco building, not a rebuild, not a revival piece. The building was originally built as a hotel and was converted to apartments in the 1950’s. I love are deco. It is one of the few styles I would love to see return. Clean lines, smooth finishes, it all feels so classy and sophisticated.

Los Feliz Manor has elements of Mayan architecture in the large columns and roof. Each apartment has a mahogany door carved with a floral display. There are plate glass windows held by intricate ironworks. The rooms have 10 foot ceilings.

The lobby area has the openness that typifies a Spanish influence, with cool tile flooring. The feeling of the hotel is still there, as the lobby makes me want to drink champagne and talk with Lilian Gish.

With fountains and gardens, this is a step back to a time when Los Feliz was far removed from LA and belonged to farmers and Hollywood royalty.

Oh, and there is an apartment open in the building, so if you’re interested, give me a call and we can contact the apartment managers. Los Feliz Manor is located at 4643 Los Feliz Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA.