Ponies and Choo-choos: Griffith Park is a child’s paradise

Here are some more of the amazing things to do in Griffith Park, right near Los Feliz.

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Set on the mountain above the City, Griffith Park is an important and wonderful part of Los Feliz’s history.

Contributors to the Park include many of Los Feliz’s most famous former residents, including Walt Disney.

Travel Town Museum

Travel Town Museum is an interactive transportation museum designed especially for kids.

The Travel Town Railroad, located at 5200 Zoo Drive, takes you around the Travel Town Museum twice. There are three operating railroads, the Courage, 1986 and Pullman Style.

It is open daily except Christmas Day.

Mon-Fri 10-4

Sat –Sun 10-6

Admission is free and there is a gift shop and mini train rides. This is a great place to hold a party.

There are docent tours on the 2nd Saturday of the month (11-3).

This summer Thomas the Tank Engine is coming to play on July 7th and August 4th. It will be great fun for all ages.

Walt Disney’s Barn

Walt Disney loved trains!

“In some way of other, I have always loved trains.”

“I just want it to look like nothing else in the world… and it should be surrounded by a train.”

Along with the railroad, Mr. Disney built a barn, a place where he and his mother could monitor and control the railroad.

Built in 1950 with 2615 feet of track, including a 46 foot long trestle and a 90 foot tunnel.

Disney named the train after the street name where he lived. Mr. Disney and his friends would hang out in the barn, playing with real trains.

The Barn is open on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 11-3.

The Barn is maintained by the Carolwood Foundation.

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Pony Rides in Griffith Park

Griffith Park Pony Ride is open all year long. They are closed on Mondays.

The Pony Rides have been a staple of Griffith Park since 1948 and it’s still very affordable at $3 per rider. The Pony Rides were founded right after World War II by Tommy Wright.

There’s fun for everyone!

There is the Pony Sweep and a Slow pony Area for children ages 1+ and up to 100 lbs. For ages 3+ and up to 100 lbs., there are the medium ponies. There are big ponies for ages 7+ and up to 100lbs.

There are even wagon rides for the whole family!

Fun, affordable, outdoor entertainment, just minutes for the heart of Los Feliz.

Griffith Park Mini Train Rides

The Griffith Park Train Rides are open every day, except Christmas.

The Southern Railroad, located at 440 Crystal Springs Drive, has over one mile of track to ride including a bridge, forest and an Old Western Town. You will notice that the 50-year old truss style bridge has recently been refurbished, with new main timbers and a new coat of paint. Also, the 2 miniature buildings, originally built in the 1960’s, have been remodeled and repainted.

There is also a Kid Coaster simulator equipped with new sounds and video equipment for those brave of heart.

Rides are very reasonable varying from $2.25 to $3.00.