The Morrison Pub in Los Feliz Now Welcomes you and your Pooch!

As a successful Los Feliz Real Estate Agent, it’s one of my jobs not only to know the real estate market, but also to know the community. A dream house is only a true dream house if it is in the right location with all the expected amenities. With that in mind, it may be of interest of those looking in the Los Feliz area to know that it is extremely dog friendly!

The Morrison Pub, one of the most popular bar and grills in Los Feliz, now has a front patio dog friendly atmosphere. Los Feliz is known for its dazzlingly beautiful weather, and as a Los Feliz Real Estate Agent, I know that you want to enjoy it as much as possible. The Morrison Pub allows you to enjoy the beautiful Los Feliz weather along with your dog. The owner, Marc Kreiner, even says, “You can bring your dog and eat…and if you have to go run an errand, we’ll watch your dog for you”. The Morrison Pub is even creating a menu especially for four-legged customers with special found they’re bound to love. Currently, there are three options for dogs: ground beef, shredded chicken, and hot dogs. All dishes, of course, are served with a bowl of water and a side of milk bones. This kind of service, community, and kindness seems to be a special cornerstone in Los Feliz.

As a Los Feliz real estate agent, keeping up to date on all the going-ons of the community, whether they be a new ice-cream shop or a quirky addition to a long-adored pub, is fundamental to finding a home that each individual prospective homebuyer will love. Knowing the latest information, whether it is quirky, interesting, or necessary, is part of being a great real estate agent. Being able to convey the community of Los Feliz, which welcomes both people and dogs alike, is fundamental in helping prospective-buyers locate their perfect home, and allowing home to be something more than a building with four walls and a roof.