The Sherwood House Becomes a Historic Monument

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Los Feliz Has More History per Square Mile Then a Ken Burns Film

The L.A. Historic-Cultural Commission has set aside the Sherwood House in Los Feliz as designated historic monument. The house is located at 3435 Amesbury Road.

This is a classic Tudor style home that was designed in 1929 by Charles M. Hutchison. It was originally part of the F.P. Fay Company's “Los Feliz Hills” planned subdivision.

The first owner's name was Lucile Sherwood. Even though she only lived there for a few years, the name stuck. It was then the home of James J. Cline, in 1930, who was a UC Berkeley running back during the 1923 and '24 seasons. Although Cline was a star of the team, the team had an atrocious record during his time with the team. The only posted 2 wins in two years. Cline was the founder of Cline Lumber, an LA staple for generations of home builders.

Then the home passed to Tobias Kotzin, who was a clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles. He lived in the home from 1944 to 1976. His wife, Bessie, stayed there until her death in 1989.

The current owners have lived there since that time.

The length of stay of the owners, particularly the Kotzins and the current owners speaks to the comfort of the home, encased in the stunningly executed Tudor style drawn by Mr. Hutchison. The home was a part of the Revivalist Movement that was in vogue during the '20s through the '40s.

Mr. Charles Fisher, a local historian, represented the current owners in their bid to get the home listed as a Historic Monument. This status will afford the home certain protections to help preserve the heritage of Los Feliz.

You can, of course, drive by the home, but bear in mind that it is occupied. I love this home because is an extraordinary example of a classic style that has passed out of fashion in the US. Too bad, because I, personally, miss the time when every house on the street had a different look and personality.

Check it out. I would love to hear your impressions.