"The Source" - A New Movie With Ties To Los Feliz


The Source of Los Feliz

Forty-one years ago Los Feliz was home to the hippie cult, The Source Family. That’s name of a new documentary by Maria Demopoulos and Jodi Wille.

The Source Family was founded by Jim Baker, a World War II hero from Cincinnati who ended up being called Father Yod. 

They not only lived in Los Feliz, but also had a health food restaurant on Sunset Boulevard, which is now Cabo Catina. 

They were typical hippies; they meditated, practiced yoga, had names like Sunflower and practiced free love.

Their first home here was the Chandler Georgian-style mansion. They called it the Mother House. Not surprisingly the Chandlers did not renew Father Yod’s lease after a year.

 They did not go far. They were able to move to Nichols Canyon in a house built by Catherine Deneuve. Though it was closer to the restaurant, which was nice, it was also only a three bedroom home and they had 140 people living there.  

You can find the film on iTunes. It opened on Friday, May 17th at the Sundance Sunset Cinema in Los Angeles, CA. You can buy the DVD for $16.98 only with other items at http://www.thesourcedoc.com/.