The Dresden - One of the Cornerstone Places to Dine and Drink In Los Feliz

the dresden room.jpg

"Ah, ha, ha, ha Staying Alive, Staying Alive....."  Pull up your car, toss your keys to the valet and enter the movie Swingers for yourself. It's no "Modern LA" lounge because it doesn't have to be: it's old school and it's traditional, complemented with retro music and a '50s vibe, that's the charm of the Dresden Room in Los Feliz.

There's no dress code but you'd stand out against the white-suited bartenders should you not dress up. The Dresden Room is classy with white tabl

ecloths, low lights, vest-wearing staff with well-coifed hair and a gorgeous menu to boot. A range of steaks, pasta, seafood and salads are available, it's traditional but tastes good, with popular dishes include the Escargot appetizer and the famous Prime Rib.

The talented Marty and Elaine are still kickin' nightly with Sinatra, jazz classics and nostalgic tracks from the golden age of Hollywood.  The Dresden Room also offers a popular bar and caters for those looking for an unforgettable night. With their signature Blood and Sand cocktail; the veteran bartenders can cater for almost any taste. It's often busy, part due to the wonderful history of the place, part to its celebrity attraction, with an impressive wall of fame, including Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Jay Leno and Keanu Reeves, and part because of its exceptional service .

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Entering the Dresden Room is like entering a different world, a world of class, a world of fun.......