July 20th is the 2014 Griffith Park Trail Marathon Relay in Los Feliz

On July 20th, hundreds of runners and their supporters will turn out for the 2014 Griffith Park Trail Marathon Relay in Los Feliz. The annual race, now in its second year, begins and ends at the site of the Old Zoo in Griffith Park, on the east side. It has already become so popular that registration is full with 90 teams.

The challenging course takes runners through 26.25 miles of terrain, which consists mostly of packed dirt and fire road. Fire roads are wider than typical trails, and are large enough for a vehicle to drive through. The relay calls for teams of five to split the race, with each member running 5.25 miles. The picturesque route will take teams through Old Zoo Trail, Ranas Hill, Vista Del Valle Dr. and Bill Eckert Trail.

The pace requirement for each team member is 13:44 per mile, due to both time limitations and safety measures. The Griffith Park Trail Marathon Relay is broken down into three decisions: open, masters, and competitive. The open division is designed to be non-competitive and fun, with each team receiving a medal and trophy upon completion. The masters division will play home to runners who are 40 years of age and older, with each men’s, women’s and co-team with the fast times receiving a trophy and medal. The elite division is the most competitive, and will award $500 cash prizes to the men’s, women’s and co-ed teams with the fastest time, along with a medal and trophy.

Teams can arrive as early at 6:00am on race day, and are encouraged to bring friends and family. However, participants should be aware that they and their supporters are allotted a 10x10 space. Teams can bring their own canopies and portable shelters, as well as chairs, so long as they fit within the space. Check-in will also begin at 6:00am, with the race officially kicking off at 7:30am.

For more information about the 2014 Griffith Park Trail Marathon Relay, visit griffithparktrailmarathonrelay.com. Hope to see you on race day!