Los Feliz Says Goodbye to Dr Paul Fleiss, a Logo Hero

One of the most prestigious pediatricians in Los Feliz and of the greater Los Angeles area has passed away on Saturday July 19th, 2014.

Paul Fleiss was known in the community as a respected doctor that treated many children and families, some of whom were Hollywood celebrities. Fleiss was born on September 8th, 1933, he went to school originally to train as a pharmacist and osteopath. He earned his B.S. from Wayne State University, then went to the University of California at Irvine for his D.O., and finally got his MPH from UCLA.

He relocated his practice from Detroit to California after the passage of a 1962 act that allowed an osteopath to convert his degree to an M.D. Dr. Fleiss will be remembered for his generosity towards the community as well as his passion for taking care of children and providing support to families. Even when families did not have insurance or means to afford his care, Dr. Fleiss would gift his services to them. Not only did he provide his services to a diverse number of people in Los Angeles, but he truly cared about the quality of the experiences to clients and that is how he made an impact on many in the community.

With a career spanning decades, Dr. Fleiss has taken care of generations of families in the Los Angeles area. At one point, he was one of my children’s doctors. Many clients even detail their experiences with Fleiss, saying he “simply treated children with respect, kindness, empathy, and love.” Dr. Fleiss clearly went above and beyond what many average pediatricians would do for their clients. Another client recalls that the doctor “gained their trust by taking his time -- always overshooting the standard 15 minutes allotted for an appointment”. The fact that he wouldn’t rush his clients demonstrates how deeply he cared about providing a great experience.    

Although Dr. Fleiss is well-respected within the community, he does have some controversies that make him the unique man that he has become. Dr. Fleiss has supported unconventional medical practices, such as preventing colds and infections “by putting breast milk up the nose, treating allergic reactions with water and conjunctivitis with chamomile tea bags”. Fleiss would also recommend vaccinations for clients, but would not require them to have the vaccination. He also was a breastfeeding and anti-circumcision advocate. His practices may seem different, but it’s kept many people in Los Feliz happy and healthy. The community is deeply saddened by his loss, and the families within the community will remember how he taught them to care for and love their children.